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Search page is only supported if you use Veripress as the backend.

Search page is actually implemented as a layout in Veripress, thus in order to place a "Search" button in the navigation bar, you have to implement a custom page yourself using the searchbar layout.

Create a new custom page

Under the pages folder, create a new subfolder for the custom search page.

Here we name it after _search and create an for the custom page.


You cannot use search as the custom page name since it will conflict with Veripress /search endpoint.

The endpoint does not allow requests without parameter q in query string. That's why we implement a custom search page here.

Change the layout in the YAML header to searchbar in the

Unlike pages in other layouts, page body in /pages/_search/ means nothing to layout searchbar.

Configure the navigation bar

Apply these settings in your

SUKA_NAV_SEARCH_LINK = '/_search' # replace it with your custom page name

After you restart the Veripress server, the search page is shown in the navigation bar and ready to serve queries.